Prijavite se na IAESTE praksu u Austriji – Softverski inžinjering

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Employer Information:

Employer: TU Graz CAMPUSonline
Number of employees: 110
Business or products: Software development
Location of placement: Graz
Working hours per week: 40.0
Working hours per day: 8.0

Student Required:
Field of Study: Computer and Information Sciences, General.
Completed years of study: 2
Student status requirements: not required
Language required: German Good (B1, B2) And
English Good (B1, B2)
Required Knowledge and Experiences: 
Knowledge in developing Web Applications is required as well as knowledge of and experience with Angular. Experience in Java EE or Oracle PL/SQL is a big plus.

Other requirements:
We are looking for students of Computer and Information  Sciences General or Computer Software Engineering – Exception if you have excellent coding skills.

Work Offered: 
You’II join one of our feature teams and will help design, implement and test our student-lifecycle web application (which is used by 40 Universities and colleges of higher education in Germany and Austria). We mostly use Angular, Java EE, Oracle Database for developement.

For further details see: LINK
There is also the possibility of prolonging the internship and/or writing your bachelors or master thesis with us.
Number of weeks offered: 40 – 52
Working environment: Office work
Within the months: 03-MAY-2021 – 29-JUL-2022
Gross pay: 1200 EUR / Monthpr

Contact us to find more information:


[email protected]